I°) In order to stay efficient and organized, our services are STRICTLY focused on the repair and restoration of the following equipment (the mentioned brands and models are provided as examples only):

  • Analog synthesizers (Moog MiniMoog, Oberheim SEM, Solina, Korg MS20)
  • Digitally controlled analog synthesizers (Roland Jupiter 4/6/8, Juno 6/60/106, Oberheim OB-8/OBXa, Sequential Prophet 5)
  • 1st and 2nd generation FM synthesizers (such as Yamaha DX series, TX802)
  • Hybrid synthesizers (Korg DW, ProphetVS)
  • Analog and digital drum machines (LinnDrum, Roland TR909, Roland TR707)

II°) We do not handle repairs on the following equipment (non-exhaustive list):

  • Tape Echo & related equipment, effects pedals
  • Microphones
  • Synthesizers post-1987/1988 – all brands
  • Amplifiers / Speakers
  • Hammond organs and similar instruments
  • Italian electronic organs (Farfisa, Bontempi, Crumar)
  • Russian synthesizers
  • Samplers
  • Electromechanical keyboards (Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer)
  • Consoles / Recorders
  • Studio racks (compressors)
  • DIY machines

III°) All services require a quote. An estimated range may be provided depending on the type of equipment and the recurrence of “classic” failures. This quote is provisional until the initial quote is established once the machine is deposited at the workshop.

Some failures are only visible after partial restoration of the machine, so the quote may change if new failures are discovered gradually: in this case, an updated quote will be provided.

Any refusal of a quote (or a refusal of more than 60% of the proposed work) after inspection / diagnosis will result in a fixed fee of €50 including taxes.

Hourly rate: €150 including taxes.

“Express” hourly rate (repair requiring labor time equal to or greater than 3 hours, taken in less than a week): €250 including taxes per hour.

All repaired machines are guaranteed for 3 months (except for complete restorations which guarantee the entire machine for 6 months) from the date of invoice (end of repair). Any machine that breaks down during this period will be fully covered by us at no cost to the owner.

All restored machines offered for sale are guaranteed for 6 months against any malfunctions.

IV°) Once repairs are completed and one (or more) test(s) lasting several hours have been performed, the owner is notified. Machines are stored free of charge for 14 days (or 21 for “small format” machines like Roland SH101). After this period, fixed fees of €5 per day per machine will apply.

It is STRONGLY recommended to bring the machine with a flight case or a hard case to facilitate safe storage.

We cannot be held responsible for any potential damages that may occur during the return journey of a poorly protected / packaged machine leaving the workshop.